Building Code Specialization

Expert Witness Consulting and Testimony

Building Code experience allows for an expertise that can be utilized in the industry especially in matters of legal concern. 

Feasibility Studies

Determining the cost implications for a project often determine its viability. Providing a Code Analysis up front allows the building owners to ascertain what needs to be done from a Building Codes perspective while considering moving forward with the project.

Building Code Variance Applications

It’s important to present your variance request in the strongest way possible in order to encourage a likely approval. My vast experience with the Board of Review allows me the insight to structure the application in a way that covers all of the usual topics of concern regarding life safety and the welfare of the public.

Building Code Analysis

Providing a Building Code analysis allows owners and prospective owners to see what work lies ahead in their vision and plans for their future development. Knowing the Code implications is a valuable tool in determining costs and an overall viable Master Plan.